Sunday, September 20, 2009

Scrap That!

Check it out, kids! This is only part of the scrappers' heaven that awaits you in Tacoma at the new store on 6th, Scrap That! I will keep you posted on dates for the Grand Opening, classes, crops, etc.
Be on the lookout for sample pages and other designs from Sabrina's team. New items arriving all the time and a HUGE crop room! So, come on over and have a peek.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Store in Tacoma

I am VERY excited to announce the soft opening of a new scrapbook store in Tacoma on 6th Ave, Scrap That! My friend, Sabrina San Nicolas has been working very hard to get her space ready for business and just got the green light to open the doors. Please check out for hours, news, driving directions, photos & more!
There is plenty of fantastic product to check out and a FREE crop tonight until midnight! Call or stop by for more info.
I am also proud to be included on her design team and we are working on an upcoming class schedule. We will keep you posted on her blog and mine.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Halloween Tray

This tray was an idea I had had for a very long time before I ever sat down to make it, and then once I did, it got snatched up by my favorite client! If I had trusted myself and the design to begin with, I would have bought ALL of the blank trays I could find that day.....Bad news is of course, I didn't and this is the only one and I believe will be happily residing at Ally's house.
Basically, I found a lightweight wooden tray in the craft section of WalMart (of all places!) & immediately knew what to do with it. I was very pleased with the result. I painted the top edge with Making Memories Asphalt paint and lightly sanded it after drying. I tend to use a sanding block from the paint section of Home Depot. They're relatively cheap and easy to handle, but regular lightweight sandpaper works just fine. You can even use an emery board... I chose some of my personal favorites from the 'scrap box' and coordinating ribbons to tie on the handles in knots. The tag is Daisy D's, the stripe on the left is Rusty Pickle, the spider web pattern is Making Memeories & comes flocked or not, depending on how and where you buy it. I used a spider brad with a rhinestone to highlight one of the webs which I applied before adhering to the tray. Both patterned pieces were edged with black ink and all were adhered with Tacky Tape because I wanted some longevity for this piece. I wanted it to get 'used'. The black strip is a textured specialty paper I found somewhere.....but you can use any black cardstock or even a nice wide black ribbon. A velvet ribbon would be a nice substitution.
This tray was quick and easy to make & is a great example of how you can make something just as cute, especially if you aren't afraid to dig through your scrap box or make substitutions. Enjoy! & Happy Halloween!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Formatting & links

I am so excited to see my followers' list growing! It's great to see the faces of people I know signing up and hopefully soon there will be many more. Tell your friends about me!

In an effort to keep this blog more user-friendly, I have decided to use an email format for directions and methods to be able to 'lift' my designs. The papercrafting community has so many levels of ability and since many of you will be able to reproduce my designs based on sight alone, I would like to post photos, product line names, and brief descriptions only. I will then compose and distribute detailed instructions to be sent out via email by request. Since this is a brand new site I am playing with format ideas and all feedback is greatly appreciated! Remember, most designs can be scraplifted without using the same product. Substitutions are allowed!

In the meantime, I am working on creating several links between this site and others that I have a connection to or fondness for. Some of the sites are all about the paper and some are sites I would like you to be aware of. Thank you all for your support and encouragement. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Backwards Posts

Learning curve! I posted my pics AFTER my it's all backwards! Check out the pics and then you'll get down to the post. Next time I'll hopefully post in the correct order. Bear with me while I figure out how to 'work' this....



Candy Tin

Treat Boxes

Mini Accordian

Door Hanger

Halloween Treats

That was a long, soggy holiday weekend here in the Pacific Northwest. Perfect for papercrafting! These pics took a bit longer than expected with a sick little girl in the house, but here they are. If you have any questions about products or methods, just send me a note. The basic idea here is that you can 'lift' my designs even without having the exact product (especially patterned paper...) I have used. The door hanger and two larger treat boxes were done with Heidi Grace Designs paper from 2007. The small box is Making Memories paper and stickers. The mini accordian is Rusty Pickle (one of my favorites!) & Making Memories glitter flocked stickers.

I of course blanked when I went out to post this today and don't have the product numbers or design line names....I will post them by Thursday a.m. In the meantime, I was just excited to get my newest designs up for show. More later...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

getting ready for Halloween

Well, since I had to stay home yesterday and cancel my scrapbooking play date because my daughter wasn't feeling well, I decided to have a 'scrapisode' by myself. I created 6 new pieces for Halloween which will be posted soon for those who want to get a jump on treat boxes and the like.
I am eagerly awaiting the opening of a new scrapbook store in Tacoma on 6th Ave., Scrap That! I have spent some time (not as much as I'd like!) helping out inside and creating layouts for Sabrina as part of her design team. Check out: We are all very excited for her and hope this store is a huge success!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Under Construction

This is the start of a brand new blog, by a 'green' blogger. Over Labor Day weekend, I will post design images and basic instructions on how to 'scraplift' them. Viewers can feel free at any time to post comments & questions about assembly instructions and products used.
I will update this site regularly with new designs for page layouts, greeting cards, clipboards, gift boxes, etc.